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“CERTIVIN meets the ever growing needs and demands of enology laboratories”

Certified, stable, homogeneous and multi-parametric control material for controlling the enological analysis results.
Peace of mind, security and accuracy are the values provided when using CERTIVIN.

Analyzed by certified laboratories nationally, in France and Portugal and statistically handled for their certification.

“Aimed at all types of enology laboratories interested in carrying out a proper evaluation of their analytical processes”

“Developed for controlling the quality of wine analyses”

Allows laboratories to evaluate their analysis procedures and identify possible non-conformities in order to implement the necessary measures for the purpose of maintaining and improving the quality of their techniques.

Allows estimating the uncertainty in order to measure the error of laboratory methods.

The laboratories can be compared with other laboratories of similar characteristics to see the differences that exist between the different analytical methods that are used.

It is a general requirement for the competence of test and calibration laboratories in accordance with UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025.

“Each parameter of the analysis certificate includes the value assigned and the acceptance limit”


Statistical value obtained from a robust calculation that allows weighing the remaining values after the elimination of inconsistent values, which are also called outliers or atypical.


Uncertainty (u) is the reference value with k=2 (95% of the samples). This means that the “true” value of this parameter is in the range [Vas - u; Vas + u]. This is the interval in which the laboratory must find the average results for the same CERTIVIN lot. If this is not the case, a deviation may appear in the accuracy of the results.

NOTE: The values of the parameters and their acceptance limits tend to vary between batchs.


Currently the results of the analyses do not provide information about the quality and traceability and therefore this information is no longer acceptable. The enology laboratory must prove the reliability and accuracy of their results to satisfy their clients.

The use of our product is one of the elements that allows all types of laboratories, accredited or not, to demonstrate their competence.

Its main objective is to allow the laboratory to validate a series of measures via the analysis of a wine with a certified control, and thus the laboratory ensures that the series has the same specifications as usual. It also has the function of checking the stability of the analysis system.

The main tool and most of the monitoring is carried out via the certificate of analysis.

The implementation of this control is facilitated by the use of CERTIVIN because it allows laboratories to have a sample with a reliable and stable control throughout time.


Stabilized wine


Throughout the containers, we take sam- ples to compare the homogeneity of the lot.


Control test carried out at regular intervals during the packaging.


Store between 10°C and 27°C. Once open, use as soon as possible.


Is the maximum allowed variation a labo- ratory must resolve regarding the value assigned to the CERTIVIN during an analysis.


Calibration, adjustment and comparison of measuring instruments. Quality control. Estimation of the uncertainty. Verification of instruments and results.


Prepared by the R&D department of GAB Sistemática Analítica S.L. in accordance with the techniques and processes used in enology. To ensure the effect of CERTI- VIN’s wine matrix it is not modified since no product is added. Several laboratories accredited by ENAC analyze our products in accordance with its selected methods, preferably OIV’s (International Organization of Vine and Wine) methods. The results of this chain is statistically analyzed.


The stability is periodically controlled. The solution is stabilized through a cold treatment and filtration. The stability of our products is inspected throughout the duration of a batch.


The values are determined based on the statistical calculations of the results obtained in a series of tests using several enology laboratories in Spain, France and Portugal.


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CERTIVIN is a registered product, produced and marketed by GAB Sistemática Analítica SL.
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